There are some transportation programs that specialize in getting employees to work, job training, job interviews, and other work related activities.
There are other options for transportation, the ones listed here are specific to employees and work transportaiton. To see all available options, view the Provider Directory

Coastal CAP Driven to Opportunity

Driven to Opportunity provides rides for qualified low income, TANF recipients and individuals with special needs in Grays Harbor and Pacific counties. Clients are connected to work related sites, either by connecting the rider with current available transit routes or by direct transportation to the rider's destination regardless of income, curb to curb service, offered 24/7.

Intercity Transit Village Vans Employment Related Transportation

Village Vans provides free transportation for employment-related activities to people with low incomes in the Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater greater urban areas. This includes but is not limited to your new job, job interview, job training sites, WorkSource Center, DSHS, and Childcare Centers.



Vanpools are an element of the transit system that allow groups of people to share the ride similar to a carpool, but on a larger scale with savings in fuel and operating costs leading to a lower cost to the rider.

Grays Harbor Transit Vanpool

If the hardest part of your job is getting there and back again, Grays Harbor Transit can help! We offer vanpool services designed to make your commute easier and less expensive. Whether you're interested in joining a vanpool or want to start one yourself, we can help you.

Intercity Transit Vanpool

Intercity Transit provides the van, gas, tolls, insurance, and maintenance. Individuals pay a low monthly fare based on their daily round-trip miles. In some cases, employers cover a portion, or all, of the fare for their employees.

Jefferson Transit Vanpool

Vanpooling can be an economic alternative on long commutes, particularly if your employer offers a travel subsidy for ridesharing. If you would like to start a vanpool or are interested in joining one, please contact our Vanpool Coordinator Sara Peck at 1-360-385-4777 ext 121.