Travel training helps people learn how to travel independently and become comfortable using public transportation. Many transit agencies have their own travel training program designed to inform members of the community how to navigate and use their services.


CWCOG Mobility Management

Travel training aims to teach people to travel independently and become comfortable using public transportation. Some transit agencies have their own travel training program designated to work with members of the community to teach them to navigate services from that specific agency. The Mobility Management Coordinator works with the region's public transportation agencies and non-profits to provide additional travel training opportunities to the public. These trainings are aimed to assist transit users with intercity travel, trip planning, and navigating resources.

The Program provides scheduled group training as well as one-on-one training. Group training events are listed in the Upcoming Training section and one-on-one training can be scheduled by calling 360-577-3041 and asking for the Mobility Management Coordinator.


RiverCities Transit

What is Travel Training: Travel Training is a free service offered by RiverCities that provides self-paced instruction to help passengers become familiar with our public transportation system. Travel Training can give you the freedom and confidence to go anywhere you want on public transit in our community.

Who is Eligible: Anyone……Individuals with disabilities, seniors, students, groups, and more!

What Do You Learn: Travel Training is designed to meet your individual needs at your own pace. What do you want to learn? How to plan a trip, How to read bus maps and schedules, How to pay fares, How to travel to and from a bus stop, How to transfer to another bus, How to use the ramp or lift with a mobility device, What to do in an emergency or if you need assistance.

Types of Travel Training We Offer: One-on-One instruction to specific destinations for passengers who need personalized training. Group presentations include a general agency introduction and demonstration of trip planning tools. Training is tailored to the group and may include a field trip.

Twin Transit

Twin Transit Travel Training is a free program that teaches you how to use public transportation with confidence and ease. This is a short training designed to support passengers with any questions or concerns they might have as they use the public bus system.

A travel trainer will work with you to determine what your transportation needs are and how Twin Transit services can best serve you. They will determine the most practical route for where you need to go and then a travel trainer will meet you at an agreed-upon location, board the bus route of your choice, and walk-through different aspects of bus safety, procedure and how to read route maps and timetables.

Have you ridden the bus before but still feel a little confused or uneasy? Our friendly and professional travel trainers will work with you until you feel confident and safe using Twin Transit services.


Mason Transit

People unfamiliar with public transit, trip planning, loading a bicycle, making transfers, or navigating new service changes can feel intimidated by the experience. Mason Transit's free travel training program help remove anxiety by teaching people how to meet their transportation needs.

If you want help learning how to pay fare, read a schedule, use the ramp or lift, or any other aspect of riding the bus contact us today, they would be happy to help! The training is customized to meet each person's needs. Individual and group presentations are available. Please call (360) 427-5033 or (800) 374-3747 for information. Persons with visual impairments who require specialized services for travel training instruction will be referred to organizations that offer those services.