There are some transportation programs and agencies that specialize in getting veterans where they need to go.
There are other options for transportation, the ones listed here are specific to Veterans. To see all available options, view the Provider Directory




Providing safe and reliable transportation to all veterans requiring assistance traveling to and from VA health care facility and authorized non-VA health care appointments. This program offers these services at little or no cost to eligible veterans.

Veteran Transportation Services (VTS)

VTS is a VA program that transports Veterans and other persons to or from VA or VA-authorized facilities and other places for the purposes of examination, treatment, or care. VTS is a part of the Veterans Transportation Program (VTP), which also includes the Beneficiary Travel (BT) program and the Highly Rural Transportation Grant Program (HRTG).



Disabled American Veterans Van Washington

DAV operates a fleet of vehicles around the country to provide free transportation to VA medical facilities for injured and ill veterans. DAV stepped in to help veterans get the care they need when the federal government terminated its program that helped many of them pay for transportation to and from medical facilities. The vans are driven by volunteers, and the rides coordinated by more than 156 Hospital Service Coordinators around the country.

Disabled American Veterans Van Longview/Vancouver/Portland

The DAV Van Longview/Vancouver/Portland is the fixed route bus that picks up riders on their way to the Portland VA.


Discount Fare Programs

Some agencies offer discount fare programs for seniors. This allows passes and single rides to be purchased at a cheaper price.

Pacific Transit

Veterans ride free on all routes.


The Heroes Pass provides free, Local C-TRAN service throughout Clark County, including The Current to qualifying veterans and active duty personnel.

To qualify, simply bring one of the following pieces of ID to the C-TRAN Customer Service Office, located at the Vancouver Mall Transit Center: Veterans Affairs Photo ID card, Common Access Card (C.A.C.) showing active military status and branch of service, Retired Military ID card (if yours doesn't contain a photo, please bring an additional piece of photo ID), State issued driver's license showing your "veteran" or "military" designation, or DD214 (along with a state or federal issued photo ID).

Sunset Empire Transportation District

Discounted monthly passes are available for those who are aged 60 and over, have a disability, are active-duty military or a Veteran, a K-12 or college student, or are low income. Reduced Day Passes are available for $3.00 and Reduced Monthly Passes are available for $20.00.

An application is required to determine eligibility for a Reduced fare I.D Card.


Qualifying individuals will receive $1 off their single ride fare. This program does not apply to monthly passes. Qualifying individuals include seniors, veterans, students, those with a disability, and low-income individuals.

An application is required to determine eligibility.



Paratransit is a transportation service that supplements fixed-route mass transit by providing individualized rides without fixed routes or timetables. Some agencies require an application to be considered for their program.

RiverCities LIFT

RiverCities LIFT is a curb to curb public transportation service for those persons whose disability limits their ability to ride the fixed-route independently. LIFT is a "safety net" for people who cannot use the Fixed Route service (big blue buses) by themselves because of a disability. RiverCities has worked hard to make our Fixed Route accessible. It is intended to be the main mode of public transportation for everyone in Longview and Kelso, including people with disabilities.
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Twin Transit LIFTT

Need to get to a doctor's appointment? Time to get groceries? Ready for a fun day out? If you are living with a disability, Twin Transit's LIFTT Paratransit transportation service can help you get where you need to go. This service is designed for passengers who are unable to use our fixed route bus system due to functional or cognitive mobility limitation. It serves locations within ¾ of a mile of a Twin Transit fixed route.

Coastal CAP Medical Transportation

There are three different transportation programs that serve seniors, low-income residents, the disabled, and elderly who do not drive. Our specialized transportation is available to all, including senior citizens, people with limited mobility, people using wheelchairs and parents with children with special needs. Our mission is to provide safe, timely, courteous and personalized transportation services that get you comfortably to and from your destination. Medicaid Medical Transportation through Paratransit Services is for residents on Medicaid/Provider One.

Paratransit Services

Paratransit Services provides great Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) brokerage services under contract with the State of Washington's Health Care Authority (HCA). Services include door to door trip coordination and scheduling as well as the distribution of bus passes from local municipalities to qualified recipients.