In October 2022, transit agencies across Washington reached a major milestone delivering policies that make riding transit free for people 18 and under. With the policies, the transit agencies secured access to funding from the state's Transit Support Grant.

The Transit Support Grant provides financial support to transit agencies statewide. Funding allows transit agencies to implement new projects, like additional routes and vehicles, and new bus stops and stations. People 18 years and younger make up more than 20 percent of Washington's total population. Making transit free for youth improves access for a large number Washingtonians and helps lower family transportation costs, which on average make up 16 percent of all household expenses.

Each transit agency had the opportunity to implement its own policy and rules in response to the Youth Ride Free program. Be sure to check and see if there are specific rules for the agency you wish to use.


Participating Agencies and Applicable Policies

Pacific Transit

All passengers 18 years of age and younger ride free of charge regardless of type of service provided.

Youth Ride Free Policy:

RiverCities Transit

Youth passes are available to those who are age 18 and under and who have completed the RiverCities Transit Youth Pass Consent form. Please note that youth under the age of twelve (12) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Youth Ride Free Policy:

Consent Form English:

Consent Form Spanish:


C-TRAN's Youth Opportunity Pass (YOP) is available to anyone who is 18 years of age and under. It provides free access on C-TRAN Local services, including fixed-route, C-VAN paratransit (must be medically qualified to ride or ride with someone who is), The Current microtransit, and Vanpool.

The YOP program is only available on C-TRAN Local services and doesn't extend to Regional or Express routes, or other transit systems. Additional fares will apply when transferring to these services.

Consent Form:

Twin Transit

All Routes om Twin Transit are fare free.

Grays Harbor

All Routes on Grays Harbor Transit are fare free.

Intercity Transit

All Routes on Intercity Transit are fare free.


All Routes on rT are fare free.

Mason Transit

All Routes on Mason Transit are fare free.

Jefferson Transit

All routes on Jefferson Transit are fare free for those aged 18 and under.



Sunset Empire Transportation District

Students in grades K-12 ride fare free on all routes within Clatsop County.


Qualifying individuals will receive $1 off their single ride fare. This program does not apply to monthly passes. Qualifying individuals include students, veterans, seniors, those with a disability, and low-income individuals.

An application is required to determine eligibility.



School District Transportation departments operate and maintain fleets of buses and other vehicles used in school operations such as getting students to and from school.

Find more information about school district transportation here